Baobá Investimentos is an investment advisory firm hired by BTG Pactual,

focused on transparency and client protection.

Additionally, we understand that the client’s life is not only about managing their investments, but also about managing their entire wealth as a whole. Therefore, we also provide advice on organizing and protecting all of our clients’ assets.


Fixed Income

Fixed income investments are recommended for those investors looking for security and a certain predictability in the profitability of their applications, with rates and terms defined at the time of contracting.

Investment Funds

Funds are a type of investment that pools financial resources from a group of investors (shareholders) into a basket of assets. Among its advantages is the possibility of allowing access to investments in more expensive assets with lower amounts.


An action is the smallest fraction of a company’s share capital. By buying a share, you become a shareholder of the respective company. Therefore, for there to be a positive return, it is necessary for the company to grow and perform well. Returns occur through the appreciation of the share and consequently through its sale or through the payment of dividends, in the case of some specific shares.

Real Estate Funds

These are investment funds aimed at real estate ventures such as offices, agencies, shopping centers, warehouses, among others. They are mostly traded on the stock exchange, facilitating access for individuals to the main real estate ventures in Brazil, with a low entry value.


These are investments that contrast with traditional investments. They are not listed on any exchange or over-the-counter market. They are more “outside the box” opportunities for the investor who gives up liquidity in exchange for good chances of return. Some examples are: Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Special Situations.

The Baobá

Baobá Investimentos is an investment advisory firm that represents, through its partners, BTG Digital bank.

Our role is to understand and clarify clients’ investment objectives, plan and parameterize return expectations, and deliver products with performance in accordance with clients’ risk profiles.

For this, we rely on partners experienced in the financial market who have a mission to serve clients with excellence and transparency and who dream of setting up a sustainable business with exemplary ethics.

Rodolfo Sanson

Businessman with 25 years of experience in the financial and oil & gas markets. At the beginning of his career, he worked in investment banks and asset management companies. He later moved to manufacturing, marketing, and project structuring in the oil and gas segment for business between foreign and Brazilian companies. Extensive experience in financial solutions, local and offshore wealth management, foreign exchange, corporate credit, and legal claims.

Holds a degree in Business Administration from Universidade Candido Mendes (RJ) with specializations in Finance at Ibmec, Petroleum Engineering at Coppe UFRJ, Financial and Accounting Analysis at FGV – RJ, and an Executive Course at Singularity University.

Lucas Wrobel

Economist, has been working in investment advisory since 2019. Prior to this, worked at the Israel Securities Authority, the agency responsible for the country’s economic regulation, in the Economic Research department.

João Alberto Simonetti

João graduated from IBMEC in 2020 and holds an MBA in investments and Asset Allocation from 2022. He has been working in the financial market for 3 years with major financial institutions, specializing in foreign exchange.